Leaf Guard vs Gutter Guard

Cleaning the gutters is not fun at all. It takes hours of our time and takes a lot of our energy. It can also be the cause of body aches or unfortunate accidents. There are plenty of useful inventions to lessen the hassle of cleaning the gutters. We have the leaf guards and the gutter guards. While both have similar benefits there are a few things to know which makes them different. Read on to get ideas on which should you consider for your gutter systems.

Leaf guard’s proud design was made to keep the water flow from the roof outwards. The width is made to be inches shorter than the gutter so the water goes to the gutter and leaves or objects falls to the ground. This system avoids cluttering the gutter and clogging the downspouts. The smooth look of its design won’t cause issues with the design of house. The leaf guard’s built in hood system ensures that the gutter is clog-free for many years. It is installed directly to the house’s fascia board with the use of internal hangers. The internal hangers are spaced more than half a meter apart adding more support. It also avoids the risk of voiding the warranty of your roof since its curved hood doesn’t cause damage to the shingles of your roof. The leaf guard is a one piece system so you wouldn’t see gaps or spaces in between it. The leaf guard’s installation can only be installed by the supplier. The installation may require removal of the gutter system. Of course the cost of installation is also based on how many lineal feet are required for your house.

Gutter guards are most widely used since it is cheaper, with different options and you can install it yourself. Although it is not as stylish is the leaf guard, for most people it is an immediate solution if you need gutter protection right away. There are different kinds of gutter guards in the market. There the mesh gutter guards, reverse curve, nylon, foam and bottle brush gutter guards. Each has their features and advantages. Mesh type are metal sheets with tiny holes and attached to the roof shingles to cover the gutter. Reverse curve may have the same function as the leaf guard but it is not as smooth, it may have spaces in between since it is installed in pieces, some object can get stuck in between like twigs and small leaves. Meanwhile bottle brush gutter guards are easy to install. You just need to place it inside the gutter and bend it around the corners. However you may need to remove them for better gutter cleaning. Nylon gutter guards are also easy to install. Aside from leaves and twigs, it filters dirt before it gets to the gutter. However, it may tear and wear with harsh conditions. Lastly, foam gutter guards which works similar to nylon. It is also easy to install but may require frequent replacement.

Both of leaf guard and gutter guard promises gutter protection. It will really depend on your budget, how fast you need it, the availability of stores or suppliers, or even the size of your house since bigger roofs needs heavy duty gutter protection. Either way, you can have gutter protection and a peace of mind.